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    • Ombuds C24.0 Final & Presentation 

      Senate, Faculty (Faculty Senate, 2022-04-05)
    • OmbudsOfficeReportPPt_12-06-2012 

      Twyman, Lee (2012-12-11)
    • OmpX_1QJ9 

      Craig, Paul (2010-05-12)
    • On group rings which are not ore domains 

      Engel, Alejandro; Makar-Limanov, Leonid (Springer New York, 1989-12)
    • On some aspects of ecological resilience and the conservation of species 

      Batabyal, Amitrajeet (Elsevier. The definitive version can be found at, 1998)
      The importance of the notion of resilience in determining the static and the intertemporal behavior of jointly determined ecological-economic systems has long been recognized by ecologists. This notwithstanding, there are ...
    • On some aspects of the management of a stochastically developing forest 

      Batabyal, Amitrajeet (Elsevier. The definitive version is available at, 1998-05)
      In this paper I focus on some important biological aspects of the forest management problem. I model a stochastically developing forest as a multidimensional, continuous-time Markov chain. Next, I pose three questions ...
    • On stage with Ozzy is a sign of the times for local woman 

      Walter, Eric (Gates Chili Post, 2005-10-06)
      Chili’s Susan Manley’s summer rocked as she interpreted for the deaf at concerts.
    • On temporal controls and the stochastic behavior of renewable natural resources 

      Batabyal, Amitrajeet (Elsevier. The definitive version can be found at, 2002)
      This paper provides a theoretical analysis of the effects of temporal controls on the stochastic behavior of renewable natural resources such as fisheries and rangelands. First, we show that temporal resource management ...
    • On the extinction of species in jointly determined stochastic systems 

      Batabyal, Amitrajeet; Beladi, Hamid (Taylor and Francis. A definitive copy can be found at, 2000)
      The sizable literature 0n extinction in economics has paid scant attention to the problem of constructing measures of species extinction. Moreover, this literature has not studied the question of species extinction in ...
    • On the global character of the difference equation x(n+1)=(alpha)+(gamma)xn-(2k+1)+(delta)xn-2|A+xn-2| 

      Grove, Edward; Ladas, Gerry; Predescu, Mihaela; Radin, Michael (Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2003-01-01)
      We investigate the global stability, the periodic character, and the boundedness nature of solutions of the difference equation x(n+1)=(alpha)+(gamma)xn-(2k+1)+(delta)xn-2|A+xn-2|, n=0,1,... where k and l are non-negative ...
    • On the nature of critical heat flux in microchannels 

      Bergles, A.; Kandlikar, Satish (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2005-01)
      The critical heat flux (CHF) limit is an important consideration in the design of most flow boiling systems. Before the use of microchannels under saturated flow boiling conditions becomes widely accepted in cooling of ...
    • On the optimal management of a class of aquatic ecological-economic systems 

      Batabyal, Amitrajeet; Beladi, Hamid (Elsevier Science. The definitive version can be found at, 2001)
      This paper studies aquatic ecological-economic systems such as the Chesapeake Bay. The stability of such ecological-economic systems depends on the successful functioning of a small number of generalist species in a wide ...
    • On The Path To World Class Retention 

      Hensel, Edward (2006-11)
    • On the scarcity value of ecosystem services 

      Batabyal, Amitrajeet; Kahn, James; O'Neill, Robert (Elsevier, 2003)
      In this exploratory paper, we first make a case for considering the scarcity value of ecosystem services in the analyses of jointly determined ecological–economic systems. Next, we point out that insight into the scarcity ...
    • On Understanding the relationship between ultrasound speckle and the scattering microstructure 

      Rao, Navalgund; Venkataraman, S.; Helguera, Maria (Acoustical Imaging, 1997)
      Recent studies on the statistics of the envelope of the ultrasound echo signal from a random scattering medium suggest that the statistical moments of the signal may carry quantitative information about the scattering ...
    • On when a graded ring is graded equivalent to a crossed product 

      Haefner, Jeremy (American Mathmatical Society, 1996-04)
      Let R be a ring graded by a group G. We are concerned with describing those G-graded rings that are graded equivalent to G-crossed products. We give necessary and sufficient conditions for when a strongly graded ring ...
    • One family, four cochlear implants 

      McKenna, Janet (Hearing Loss Magazine, 2006-02-01)
      A Rochester, New York, family of four all received cochlear implants during one week in 2004. As “Deaf community” members, how do their experiences compare with those of other cochlear implant users? The Matchetts tell ...
    • One-on-one with the editor in chief of Reporter 

      Saffran, Michael (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2007-12-07)
    • Online cake instructor 

      Tseng, Jen-Chun (2007-12)
      This thesis will be an e-learning website about making cakes. Users will learn how to make a cake in a virtual environment by following the instructions and interacting with the surroundings, instead of learning from text ...