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    • Jet driven motions in the Narrow Line region of NGC1068 

      Axon, David; Marconi, Alessandro; Capetti, Alessandro; Macchetto, Duccio; Schreier, Ethan; Robinson, Andrew (Springer Netherlands: Astrophysics and Space Science, 1997-03)
      We have obtained HST FOC f/48 long-slit spectroscopy of the inner 4" of the Narrow Line Region of NGC 1068 between 3500-5400A with a spectral resolution of 1.78A/pixel. At a spatial scale of 0.0287" per pixel these data ...
    • Supermassive black hole mass measurements for NGC 1300 and NGC 2748 based on HST [Hubble Space Telescope] emission-line gas kinematics 

      Atkinson, John; Collett, J.; Marconi, Alessandro; Axon, David; Alonso-Herrero, Almudena; Batcheldor, Dan; Binney, James; Capetti, Alessandro; Carollo, C. Marcella; Dressel, Linda; Ford, Holland; Gerssen, Joris; Hughes, M.; Macchetto, Duccio; Maciejewski, Witold; Merrifield, Michael; Scarlata, Claudia; Sparks, William; Stiavelli, Massimo; Tsvetanov, Zlatan; van der Marel, Roeland (Blackwell Publishing: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2005-05)
      We present Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph emission-line spectra of the central regions of the spiral galaxies NGC 1300 and NGC 2748. From the derived kinematics of the nuclear gas we have found evidence for central ...
    • The warped nuclear disk of radio galaxy 3C 449 

      Tremblay, Grant; Quillen, Alice; Floyd, David; Noel-Storr, Jacob; Baum, Stefi; Axon, David; O'Dea, Christopher; Chiaberge, Marco; Macchetto, Duccio; Sparks, William; Miley, George; Capetti, Alessandro; Madrid, Juan; Perlman, Eric (Astrophysical Journal, 2006)
      Among radio galaxies containing nuclear dust disks, the bipolar jet axis is generally observed to be perpendicular to the disk major axis. The FR I radio source 3C 449 is an outlier to this statistical majority, as it ...