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    • Aggregation quenching of luminescence in electroluminescent conjugated polymers 

      Jakubiak, Rachel; Collison, Christopher; Wan, Wai Chou; Rothberg, Lewis; Hsieh, Bing (The American Chemical Society: Macromolecules, 1999-04-08)
      We report measurements of photoluminescence from films of a soluble phenylenevinylene polymer that has prospective importance as the emissive material in light-emitting diodes. We show unambiguously that there is long-lived ...
    • The role of energetic disorders in conjugated polymers 

      Menon, Anoop; Niazimbetova, Zukhra; Jakubiak, Rachel; Liberatore, Christine; Collison, Christopher; Rothberg, Lewis; Galvin, Mary (American Physical Society: Annual March Meeting 2001, 2001-03)
      In the present work PPV-oligomers have been blended with the corresponding polymer in very low concentrations so as to create low energy sites in the higher band gap oligomer matrix. The effect of doping on the energetics ...