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    • Ultracompact AM CVn Binaries from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: three candidates plus the first confirmed Eclipsing System 

      Anderson, Scott; Haggard, Daryl; Homer, Lee; Joshi, Nikhil; Margon, Bruce; Silvestri, Nicole; Szkody, Paula; Wolfe, Michael; Agol, Eric; Becker, Andrew; Henden, Arne; Hall, Patrick; Knapp, Gillian; Richmond, Michael; Schneider, Donald; Stinson, Gregory; Barentine, John; Brewington, Howard; Brinkmann, Jonanthan; Harvanek, Michael; Kleinman, Scott; Krzesinski, Jurek; Long, Dan; Neilsen, Eric; Nitta, Atsuko; Snedden, Stephanie (American Astronomical Society - The Astronomical Journal, 2005-11)
      AM CVn systems are a rare (about a dozen previously known) class of cataclysmic variables, arguably encompassing the shortest orbital periods (down to about 10 minutes) of any known binaries. Both binary components are ...