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    • HI absorption in the gigamaser galaxy TXS 2226-184 and the relation between HI absorption and water emission 

      Taylor, Gregory; Peck, Alison; Henkel, Christian; Falcke, Heino; Mundell, Carole; O'Dea, Christopher; Baum, Stefi; Gallimore, Jack (American Astronomical Society, 2002-07-20)
      We report on the discovery of H i in absorption toward the gigamaser galaxy TXS 2226-184 using the Very Large Array. The absorption appears to consist of two components—one with a width of 125 km s^-1 and one broader (420 ...
    • Small-period electromagnet wigglers for free-electron lasers 

      Granatstein, V.L.; Destler, William; Mayergoyz, I.D. (American Institute of Physics, 1985-09-15)
      A new configuration for wiggler magnets compatible with free-electron laser (FEL) deployment is described and demonstrated experimentally. The configuration is simple and inexpensive to fabricate and allows for continuous ...