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  • Understanding Deaf Readers 

    Kelstone, Aaron (2013-01-25)
    The development of reading skills, beyond a functional level, is difficult for most deaf readers. Standardized testing demonstrates a median 4th grade reading level that remains consistent even after national norming of ...
  • The Gene Kelly/Stanley Donen Trilogy: Singin' and Dancin' in the Narrative and Film Structure 

    DuPre', Mark (Columbia University, 1984)
    Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen co-directed three films --On the Town (1949 release date), Singin' in the Rain (1952), and It's Always Fair Weather (1955). For a variety of reasons, the films are important to the study of ...
  • Adjusting the margins: Building bridges between deaf and hearing cultures through performance arts 

    Davis Haggerty, Luane (2006-03)
    This study addresses a gap in scholarship on leadership styles in the Deaf community. There is an invisible style of leadership differing from the mainstream culture that has not been previously addressed in the literature ...
  • Meta 

    Durr, Patricia (1991)
    For a class project, two young college students interview a Holocaust survivor who is Deaf and discover the atrocities of the Holocaust through the woman's stories.
  • Sign language theatre: expression, language, and transformation 

    Weir, Aaron; Kelstone, Aaron (2006-09-01)
    The expansion of potential meaning for a dramatic text should be possible when two languages are performed simultaneously. Sign Language Theatre, through simultaneous use of American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken English, ...
  • Deaf theater: audience appeal 

    Linza, Pamela; Conley, Pamela (2006-09-01)
    A majority of Deaf Americans agree that viewing a typical theatrical performance is a formidable task. In the second half of this century, attitudinal changes made by Americans have resulted in new and increased opportunities ...