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    • R.I.T. news and events December 11, 2008 

      Carvalho, Vienna; Cometa, Michelle; Downs, Kelly; Dube, Will; Sanchez, Victor; Finnerty, Bob; Follaco, John; Gawlowicz, Susan; Livadas, Mark; Morphy, Marcia (Rochester Institute of Technology, University News Services, 2008-12-11)
    • RIT news & events January 25, 2007 

      Black, Karen; Borgna, Brandon; Downs, Kelly; Dube, Will; Follaco, John; Gawlowicz, Susan; Jaynes, Steve; Lindsley, Kathy; Morphy, Marcia; Venniro, Joe; Boyd, Donald (Rochester Institute of Technology, University News Services, 2007-01-25)
      Clinton to address RIT graduates in May, RIT helps youngsters connect with space, RIT researcher aims to battle hearing loss, Science student feels at home at NTID, News briefs, Student Affairs Division recognizes staff ...
    • University Magazine Spring 2015 

      Stendardi, Deborah M.; Finnerty, Bob; Mozer, Mindy; Cauda, Lisa; Sobieraj, Cindy; Slusser, Kim; Smith, Craig; Lindley, Amanda; Arbegast, Jeff; Weisler, A.Sue; McGrain, Vienna; Cometa, Michelle; Follaco, John; Gawlowicz, Susan M.; Morphy, Marcia; Kiley, Rich; Livadas, Greg; Gartley, Alexander; Bureau, Scott; Rosen, Ellen; Benjamin, Mark; Bloat, Blü; Lamark, Elizabeth; Owens, Michael (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2015-05)
      This is the official magazine for RIT Alumni. Issued thrice a year in spring, fall and winter. Printing began in 1999.