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    • Scholarship @ RIT 

      Barnes, Kira; Trauernicht, Marcia; Pan, Yin; Quinsland, L.K.; Pagano, Todd; McQuade, Samuel; Sampat, Neel; Abushagur, Mustafa; Wahsheh, Rami; Preble, Stefan; Lu, Zhaolin; Basener, William; Buehler, Marianne; Mariotti, Davide; Jacobs, Deanna; Rosenthal, Peter; Khanna, Gurcharan; Edwards, Rebecca; Perotti, Victor; Caballero-Perez, Juan; Merrill, Douglas; McKenzie, Chandra; Paulus, Nick (Publishing and Scholarship Support Center (RIT Libraries), 2008-05)
    • Scholarship @ RIT 

      Trauernicht, Marcia; Kelly, Ronald; Albertini, John; Tolan, Linda; Dickson, Donna; Walter, Wayne; Terezakis, Katie; Rothenberg, Sandra; Tirrell, Peggy; Collison, Christina; Scott, Jason; Buehler, Marianne; Colton, Deborah; Orwin, Naomi; Jodoin, Ronald; Whittington, Keith; Mitchell, Marilyn; Dorney, Erin (Publishing and Scholarship Support Center (RIT Libraries), 2008-02)
    • Scholarship @ RIT 

      McKenzie, Chandra; Barnes, Kira; Geigel, Joe; Clymer, E.; Wolcott, Scott; Voelkel, Joseph; Foster, Susan; Buehler, Marianne; LePoutre, Dominique; Dickson, Donna; Colon, Bobby; Kenneally, Ivan; Tang, Zhi; Bitterman, Alex; Valentage, Nancy; Summers, U.; Paulus, Nick (Publishing and Scholarship Support Center (RIT Libraries), 2007-11)
    • From digital library to institutional repository: a brief look at one library’s path 

      Buehler, Marianne; Trauernicht, Marcia (Emerald, 2007-03-28)
      Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to give an overview of the initial transformation of one academic library’s digital media library into the institutional repository (IR) of its entire academic organization. Desi ...
    • Scholarship @ RIT 

      Trauernicht, Marcia; Pankow, David; Brooks, Bernard; Riordan, Michael; Wollan, Patricia; Golphin, Vincent; Cummings, Twyla; Border, Charles; Tyler, Christy; Kuhl, Michael; Main, Varda; Kurinec, Santosh; Winkworth, Gladys; Hauser, Peter; Lutz, Peter; Scanlon, Patrick; Paulus, Nick; Buehler, Marianne (Publishing and Scholarship Support Center (RIT Libraries), 2007-05)
    • Scholarship @ RIT 

      Trauernicht, Marcia; Buehler, Marianne; Chapman, Tina; Durr, Patricia; Lundgren, Carl; Hsu, Kenneth; Proctor, Karen; Rosenthal, Peter; Rea, Douglas; Pagano, Todd; Main, Varda; Smith, Danielle; N'Da, Kofffi; Bell, Roberly; Fairchild, Mark; Sevilla, Christine; Paulus, Nick (Publishing and Scholarship Support Center (RIT Libraries), 2007-02)
    • The anytime anyplace degree in information resources and library science 

      Buehler, Marianne (Haworth Information Press, 2000)
      The innovative distance education program at the School of Information Resources and Library Science is a model for higher education and the information industry for instructing information specialists and librarians on ...
    • Plug Beebee Station into producing hydrogen power 

      Press, Roman; Buehler, Marianne (Democrat and Chronicle, 2003-10-30)
    • Ideatools Courseware Fosters Librarian-Faculty Collaboration 

      Naturale, Joan; Ting, Simon; Conley, Pamela (2004-08-19)
    • U.S. federal government CIOs: information technology's new managers--preliminary findings 

      Buehler, Marianne (Elsevier Science Ltd., 2000)
      The Clinger-Cohen Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996 (Clinger-Cohen Act) has changed the dynamics of how federal agencies view and manage their information technology. The mandated provision for Chief ...
    • Scholarship @ RIT 

      Bartlett, Margaret; Buehler, Marianne; Craig, Paul; DeMartino, Richard; Gupta, Vinnie; Haake, Anne; Klingensmith, Bill; Lillie, Jeffrey; Main, Varda; Makepeace, Eileen; Marshark, Marc; Monikowski, Christine; Pancoast, Ryan; Pugliese, Rudy; Reichlmayr, Tom; Rozanski, Evelyn; Vallino, Jim; Yang, Shanchieh; Glenn, Chance (Publishing and Scholarship Support Center (RIT Libraries), 2006-05)
    • Scholarship @ RIT 

      Bajorski, Peter; Bischof, Hans-Peter; Buehler, Marianne; Chandler, Robert; Davidhazy, Andrew; DeBartolo, Elizabeth; Frederick, G. Thomas; Hair, Neil; Keiner, Christine; Kelstone, Aaron; Merydith, Scott; Oliver, Bruce; Pankow, David; Ray, Amit; Samper, Jorge; Underhill, Linda (Publishing and Scholarship Support Center (RIT Libraries), 2006-02)
    • It takes a library to support distance learners 

      Buehler, Marianne; Dopp, Elizabeth; Hughes, Kerry; Thompson, Jen (The Haworth Press, 2001)
      Wallace Library's philosophy is to create and provide resources and services that will support all users. Consequently, distance learners and distance faculty have a plethora of online resources available to them, some of ...
    • Where is the library in course management software? 

      Buehler, Marianne (Journal of Library Administration, 2004-05-06)
      Course management software (CMS) or courseware products, such as Prometheus, FirstClass, Blackboard, and WebCT, do not include the Library as an essential, curricular component in their design. Consequently, the task falls ...
    • The evolving impact of institutional repositories 

      Buehler, Marianne; Boateng, Adwoa (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2005-09)
      Purpose – The paper's purpose is to share the insights that the staff of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Libraries (Wallace Library, RIT Archives, and the Cary Collection) gained into the role of reference ...
    • Scholarship @ RIT 

      Aghayere, Abi; Bryce, Christina; Buehler, Marianne; Chandler, Robert; Cost, Frank; Hirschman, Karl; Neely, Pamela; O'Handley, Suzanne; Schley, Sara; Shenoy, Nirmala; Steffens, Edward; Thurston, George; Wagner, Jeffrey; Waud, John (Publishing and Scholarship Support Center (RIT Libraries), 2005-11)
    • Creating MARC records from e-journal title lists 

      Jiras, Jonathan (2000)
      This presentation describes a method that the RIT Library uses to generate brief MARC records from aggregator ejournal title lists.
    • Harper's June 

      Penfield, Edward (Harper and Brothers, 1897)
      Poster for Harper's June 1897 issue. Commercial lithograph. The poster depicts an outdoor grassy expanse with a woman in gown and hat reading a book while walking toward a wooden rocker. With her is a small spotted dog ...
    • Harper's July 

      Penfield, Edward (Harper and Brothers, 1896)
      Poster for Harper's July 1896 issue. The poster depicts a standing woman in a blue patterned dress and flowered hat holding a closed parasol.
    • Martian by DuMaurier, The 

      Penfield, Edward (Harper and Brothers, 1897)
      Poster for George Du Maurier's novel "The Martian", published by Harper & Brothers in 1897. The poster depicts a bearded man leaning out of a window, looking at the sky while raising his arms.