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It is unclear exactly when the Student Association (SA) formed at Rochester Institute of Technology. The earliest records the collection contains are SA financial reports from 1923. According to the preamble of the SA constitution, 'The purpose of this organization shall be to unite all students in a functioning body, to give opportunity for the formulation and expression of student opinion, and to coordinate all phases of student activity." Membership was available to all students enrolled in day courses, as well as part-time students that paid the SA fee. The governing body of SA was Student Council, with Council officers elected by SA members. Any student group on campus had to be responsible to and approved of by the Student Council. Any student group (with the exception of religious organizations), that restricted membership by race, religion, or ethnicity was not permitted. Shortly after RIT moved from downtown Rochester to Henrietta in 1968, SA formed the RIT Students Cooperative, a group of student run and operated businesses on campus. These included the Tunnel Shops, a candy/tobacco store, shuttle bus service, and used bookstore. In 1971, SA relinquished control and the RIT Students Cooperative incorporated as an independent and self-sustaining body. SA is no longer active at RIT. Student clubs and organizations are administered by the Center for Campus Life.

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