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      Nose, Pistopher; Againdo, Porko; Needsrest, Mama; Martini, Guinea; Bells, Crushthem; Disk, Fartin'; Stiffy, Stark-n; McGee, Bubbles; Ghengis, Khan; Fartin, I. Been; Horsebetter, Rotten; Bratt, Little; Cadet, Space; Pidt, Hairy; Relatives, Bobo; Anne, Raggedy; Wash, Slob; Floyd, Muscles; False, We've; Disease, Gehrig's; Later, Fratt; Badhaircut, Naziwith A.; Jackyoursockoff, Lips; Railer, Army; AsIs, Wop; Remembra, Can't; Decker, Planto (Rochester Institute of Technology, 1990-04-01)