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    • High-power microwave generation from large-orbit devices 

      Destler, William; Chojnacki, E.; Hoeberling, R.; Lawson, W.; Singh, A.; Striffler, C. (IEEE, 1988-04)
      Experimental and theoretical studies at the University of Maryland on the production of high-power microwave radiation in cusp-injected, large-orbit devices are reviewed. Three classes of devices belonging to this ...
    • A High-power millimeter-wave sheet beam free-electron laser amplifier 

      Cheng, Shiqiu; Destler, William; Granatstein, Victor; Antonsen, Thomas; Levush, Baruch; Rodgers, John; Zhang, Z. (©1996 IEEE. Personal use of this material is permitted. However, permission to reprint/republish this material for advertising or promotional purposes or for creating new collective works for resale or redistribution to servers or lists, or to reuse any copyrighted component of this work in other works must be obtained from the IEEE., 1996-06)
      The results of experiments with a short period (9.6 mm) wiggler sheet electron beam (1.0 mm x 2.0 cm) millimeter-wave free electron laser (FEL) amplifier are presented. This FEL amplifier utilized a strong wiggler field ...
    • A High-voltage triggered pseudospark discharge experiment 

      Ramaswamy, K.; Destler, William; Rodgers, J. (American Institute of Physics, 1996-11-01)
      The design and execution of a pulsed high-voltage (350–400 keV) triggered pseudospark discharge experiment is reported. Experimental studies were carried out to obtain an optimal design for stable and reliable pseudospark ...
    • I to my selfe am strange 

      McKenzie, Stanley (Associated University Presses, 1999)
    • Intense charged particle beam propagation into vacuum 

      Destler, William; Striffler, C.; Segalov, Z.; Yao, R.; Zhang, X.; Rodgers, J. (SPIE, 1998-01)
      The propagation of intense charged particle beams into vacuum without the aid of externally applied confining magnetic fields is under investigation both theoretically and experimentally. In the configuration under study ...
    • Intense microwave generation from a non-neutral rotating E layer 

      Destler, William; Romero, H.; Striffler, C.; Weiler, R.; Namkung, W. (American Institute of Physics, 1981-04)
      The radiation produced by a hollow, non-neutral, rotating, relativistic E layer propagating inside a coaxial cylindrical drift tube has been investigated theoretically and experimentally. The measured radiation spectrum ...
    • Intense relativistic electron beam propagation in evacuated drift tubes 

      O'Shea, P.; Welsh, D.; Destler, William; Striffler, D. (American Institute of Physics, 1984-06)
      The propagation ofa magnetically confined intense relativistic electron beam (IREB) (I MeV, 27 kA, 20 ns FWHM) in vacuum drift tubes has been studied experimentally and theoretically. Experimental results for current ...
    • Introduction to the third special issue on high-power microwave generation 

      Destler, William; Levush, Baruch (IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics, 1990)
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    • Investigations of the electromagnetic properties of finite length x-band slow-wave structures 

      Main, W.; Carmel, Y.; Ogura, K.; Weaver, J.; Tate, J.; Watanabe, S.; Nusinovitch, G.; Destler, William; Granatstein, V. (1993-06-07)
    • Ion energy relaxation in strong shocks 

      Destler, William; Morse, D. (1972-11-15)
    • Ion thermalization in strong, high-beta shocks 

      Morse, D.; Auer, P.; Destler, William (1972-07-04)
    • Is affirmative action in university admissions legal, effective, and just? 

      Simone, Albert (2003 05)
      Since 1978, the “Law of the land” has been the decision handed down by Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr., in Regents of the University of California vs. Bakke. In a 5 to 4 vote, Justice Powell ruled that while quotas are illegal, ...
    • The Isomorphism problem for incidence rings 

      Abrams, Gene; Haefner, Jeremy; Del Rio, Angel (University of California, 1999)
      Let P and P’ be finite preordered sets, and let R be a ring for which the number of nonzero summands in a direct decomposition of the regular module RR is bounded. We show that if the incidence rings I(P;R) and I(P’;R) ...
    • Isomorphisms of row and column finite matrix rings 

      Haefner, Jeremy; Del Rio, A.; Simon, J. (American Mathmatical Society, 1997-06)
      This paper investigates the ring-theoretic similarities and the cate- gorical dissimilarities between the ring RFM(R) of row finite matrices and the ring RCFM(R) of row and column finite matrices. For example, we prove ...
    • The key to success 

      Simone, Albert (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2005-06-02)
      I am very pleased and privileged to have this opportunity to offer some remarks to this year’s graduating class. MCC and RIT are, and have been for a long time, close partners in higher education. Together we are a major ...
    • Laboratory simulation of artificial plasma clouds in the ionosphere 

      Morse, D.; Destler, William (1971-11-17)
    • Labratory study of high-beta plasma shock waves 

      Morse, D.; Destler, William (1970-11-04)
    • Linear analysis of a finite length plasma-filled backward wave oscillator 

      Ali, M.; Orgura, K.; Minami, K.; Destler, William; Granatstein, V. (American Institute of Physics, 1992-04)
      Absolute instability in a plasma-filled backward wave oscillator with sinusoidally corrugated slow wave structure driven by an intense relativistic electron beam has been analyzed numerically. The maximum spatial growth ...
    • Local orders whose lattices are direct sums of ideals 

      Haefner, Jeremy (American Mathematical Society, 1990-10)
      Let R be a complete local Dedekind domain with quotient field K and let A be a local R-order in a separable K-algebra. This paper classifies those orders A such that every indecomposable R-torsionfree A-module is isomorphic ...
    • Low-voltage, megawatt free-electron lasers at a frequency near 300 GHz 

      Booske, J.; Granatstein, V.; Antonsen, T. Jr; Destler, William; Levush, B.; Mayergoyz, I.; Radack, D.; Rodgers, J.; Rosenbury, E.; Segalov, Z.; Serbeto, A. (SPIE, 1988-01)
      Design procedures and beam transport feasibility experiments discussed for a novel, millimeter-wave free electron laser (FEL) concept employing short period magnetic undulators and a sheet electron beam. The ...