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    • Calibration of Landsat thermal data and application to water resource studies 

      Schott, John; Barsi, Julia; Nordgren, Bryce; Raqueno, Nina; de Alwis, Dilkushi (Elsevier Science B.V., Amsterdam, 2001-10)
      The newest in the Landsat series of satellites was launched April 15, 1999. The imagery collected by Landsat is used for a myriad of applications, from coral reef studies to land management. In order to take advantage of ...
    • Carbon dioxide in organic synthesis: preparation and mechanism of formation of N-(3)-substituted hydantoins 

      O'Brien, R.; Worman, James; Olson, Edwin (Taylor and Francis: Synthetic Communications, 1992)
    • Carbon nanotube anodes for lithium ion batteries 

      Raffaelle, Ryne; Gennett, Thomas; Maranchi, Jeff; Kumta, Prashant; Hepp, Aloysius; Heben, Michael; Dillon, Anne; Jones, Kim (Materials Research Society Proceedings Fall 2001: Making Functional Materials with Nanotubes, 2002)
      Highly purified single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) were investigated for use as an anode material for thin film lithium ion batteries. The high purity nanotubes were obtained through chemical refinement of soot generated ...
    • Carbon nanotube doped lithium ion batteries 

      Raffaelle, Ryne; Difelice, Ron; VanDerveer, William; Gennett, Thomas; Maranchi, Jeff; Kumta, Prashant; Hepp, Aloysius (American Physical Society: Proceedings of the Annual APS March Meeting, 2002-03-18)
      We have characterized thin film lithium ion batteries that contain high purity single wall carbon nanotube-doped polymer anodes. Highly purified single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) were obtained through chemical refinement ...
    • Case Study: Rolls-Royce Radicals 

      Rothenberg, Sandra; Scully, Maureen (Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2007)
      Responsible Wealth, a Boston-based nonprofit, is convincing many affluent Americans to challenge the very rules that made them rich. Far from mere check writers or "limousine liberals," these wealthy activists work against ...
    • Catalysis and regulation: Proteins 

      Murray-Rust, Judith; Chalton, David; Craig, Paul (Elsevier: Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 2001-12-01)
      A selection of World Wide Web sites relevant to reviews published in this issue of Current Opinion in Structural Biology.
    • The Catalyzed addition of acetic acid to norbornadiene 

      Cristol, Stanley; Morrill, Terence; Sanchez, Robert (The American Chemical Society: The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 1966-09-12)
      An investigation of the acid-catalyzed addition of acetic acid to norbornadiene (I)to form ezo-dehydronorbornyl acetate (II) and nortricyclyl acetate (III) has been carried out. Catalysis by sodium perchlorate was similar ...
    • Cathode-ray-tube to reflection-print matching under mixed chromatic adaptation using RLAB 

      Berns, Roy; Choh, Heui-Keun (International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), 1995-10-01)
      Color-appearance models are used to relate chromatic stimuli viewed under one set of viewing and illuminating conditions to a differing set such that when each stimulus is viewed in its respective conditions, the stimuli ...
    • Cation binding at the air-water interface by macromolecules bearing pendant crown ethers moieties 

      Gold, Jeffrey; Teegarden, David; McGrane, Kathleen; Luca, David; Falcigno, Pasquale; Chen, Cindy; Smith, Thomas (American Chemical Society: Journal of the American Chemical Society, 1986-09-17)
      In solution, the ion-binding characteristics of crown ethers and macromolecules containing macrocyclic ether moieties have been studied extensively. These ionophores are finding application in membranes, thin film sensors, ...
    • Cavity enhancement of resonant frequencies in semiconductor lasers subject to optical injection 

      Simpson, Thomas; Liu, Jia-Ming; Huang, Kai-Feng; Tai, Kuochou; Clayton, Christopher; Gavrielides, Athanasios; Kovanis, Vassilios (American Physical Society, 1995-12)
      The injection of an optical signal into a semiconductor laser biased near or above the lasing threshold modifies the coupling between the free carriers and the intracavity field. The detuning between the frequency of the ...
    • Cell-based sensor microelectrode array characterized by imaging x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, impedance measurements, and extracellular recordings 

      Jung, D.; Cuttino, David; Pancrazio, Joseph; Manos, Patricia; Cluster, T.; Sathanoori, R.; Aloi, L.; Coulombe, M.; Czarnaski, M.; Borkholder, David; Kovacs, Gregory; Bey, Paul Jr.; Stenger, David; Hickman, J. (American Vacuum Society, 1998-05)
      We are developing a cell-based biosensor consisting of a planar microelectrode array that allows detection of extracellular potentials and their modulation in the presence of toxins or other active agents. To improve ...
    • Chandra x-ray detection of a shocked polar jet in the symbiotic Mira System Hen 2-104 

      Montez, Rodolfo; Kastner, Joel; Sahai, R. (American Astronomical Society, 2006)
      We report the detection by Chandra's Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer (ACIS) of X-ray emission from Hen 2-104, a D-type symbiotic Mira system that sits at the core of an hourglass-shaped bipolar nebula (the "Southern ...
    • Chandra/ACIS subpixel event repositioning. II. Further refinements and comparison between backside and front-side illuminated X-ray CCDs 

      Li, Jingqiang; Kastner, Joel; Prigozhin, Gregory; Schulz, Norbert; Feigelson, Eric; Getman, Konstantin (Astrophysical Journal, 2004-08-01)
      We further investigate subpixel event repositioning (SER) algorithms in application to Chandra X-ray Observatory (CXO) CCD imaging. SER algorithms have been applied to backside illuminated (BI) Advanced CCD Imaging ...
    • Changing strategies and tactics for new product development 

      Ettlie, John; Subramaniam, Mohan (Blackwell Publishing, Ltd. The definitive version is available at, 2004-03)
      There has been a considerable amount of effort and writing devoted to improving the new product development process during the last two decades. Although there have been some suprises in this literature and in reports from ...
    • Chaos and elliptical galaxies 

      Merritt, David (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1996)
      Recent results on chaos in triaxial galaxy models are reviewed. Central mass concentrations like those observed in early-type galaxies - either stellar cusps, or massive black holes - render most of the box orbits in a ...
    • Chaotic transitions and low-frequency fluctuations in semiconductor lasers with optical feedback 

      Davidchack, Ruslan; Lai, Ying-Cheng; Gavrielides, Athanasios; Kovanis, Vassilios (Elsevier Science B.V., 2000-10)
      This paper examines the dynamical origin of low-frequency fluctuations (LFFs) in semiconductor lasers subject to time-delayed optical feedback. In particular, we study chaotic transitions leading to the onset of LFFs by ...
    • Characterization methods for LCD devices with crosstalk issues 

      Laird, Justin; Rosen, Mitchell; Montag, Ethan; Pelz, Jeff (Society for Information Display, 2005-05)
      An approach is introduced for building accurate and compact color look-up tables (CLUTs) to describe the colorimetric performance of liquid crystal display (LCD) devices. In an experiment, a novel analysis technique was ...
    • Characterization of a large-format charge-coupled device 

      Deeg, Hans; Ninkov, Zoran (International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), 1995-01)
      Characterization of a Kodak KAF 4200 CCD chip, coated with the UV converter Lumigen, is described. This chip is very similar to a chip described by Ninkov, Backer, and Bretz [Proc. SPIE 1987, 14 (1 993)], except for the ...
    • Characterization of dipyridophenazine complexes of ruthenium( 11): the light switch effect as a function of nucleic acid sequence and conformation 

      Jenkins, Yonchu; Friedman, Alan; Turro, Nicholas; Barton, Jacqueline (The American Chemical Society: Biochemistry, 1992-11-10)
      Spectroscopic parameters for two novel ruthenium complexes on binding to nucleic acids of varying sequences and conformations have been determined. These complexes, R~(bpy)~dppz~+ and Ru(phen)2dppz2+ (bpy = 2,2’-bipyridine; ...