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    • SAE Formula team takes first checkered flag at U.S. track – zooooom! 

      Cometa, Michelle (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2009-06-24)
    • Safer sex 

      Pattee, Fay (1995-11-11)
    • Salt excretion in a beach lizard (Ameiva quadrilineata, Teiidae) 

      Hillman, Peter; Pough, F. Harvey (Springer: Journal of Comparative Physiology B: Biochemical, Systemic, and Environmental Physiology, 1976-01)
      The teiid lizardAmeiva quadrilineata has a nasal salt gland that responds to NaCl loading by increasing excretion of Na+ (from 1.12 to 2.63 uM/100 gh), K+ (from 0.14 to 2.43 uM/100 gh), and Cl– (from 1.10 to 5.47 uM/100 ...
    • Sam Brown is Now a Technical Writer in Pittsburgh 

      Austin, Bruce A. (Department of Communication, 2008-07-14)
      Congratulations to Sam Brown (Professional & Technical Communication, 2008) who recently accepted and began full-time professional responsibilities as a Technical Writer at Medmark, Inc., located just outside of Pittsburgh, PA.
    • Sandi Dolitz Vasquez, DOC alum, accepts new job 

      Austin, Bruce (Department of Communication, 2006-07-21)
    • Sarah Exley and Karen Doktor win top portfolio awards 

      Scanlon, Patrick (Department of Communication, 2008-05-20)
    • Sarbanes-Oxley: are audit committees up to the task? 

      Hoi, Chun-Keung; Robin, Ashok; Tessoni, Daniel (Emerald. The definitive publisher's copy can be found at:, 2007)
      The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002) (hereafter, SOX or the Act) brought forth sweeping changes in corporate governance practices in the US. The Act stipulates more stringent internal control requirements, demands more timely ...
    • SAU Plans 2008 

      Boice-Pardee, Heath; Wolf, Ed (2008-02-20)
    • Saunders listed in 2010 Princeton Review 

      Morphy, Marcia (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2009-10-12)
    • Save Energy Rock 

      Prokop, Gary (Facilities Management Services, 2008-12)
      Energy Savings Themed Holiday Poetry, based on "Jingle Bell Rock"
    • Save Some Watts, at RIT 

      Prokop, Gary (Facilities Management Services, 2010-12)
    • Scanning tunneling optical resonance microscopy (STORM) 

      Raffaelle, Ryne; Gennett, Thomas; Lau, J.; Jenkins, P.; Castro, Stephanie; Tin, P.; Wilt, D.; Pal, A.; Bailey, Sheila (Materials Research Society Proceedings: 2002 Fall Meeting: Symposium G, 2003)
      The ability to determine the in-situ optoelectronic behavior of semiconductor materials has become especially important as the size of device architectures are reduced and the development of complex microsystems has ...
    • SCB PhD- NYSED Business Administration Prposal 

      Senate, Academic (Academic Senate, 2021-03-29)
    • Scholar submission "Enterprise Learning": an interactive teaching and learning model that combines classroom theory, case study analysis, and industry environment reality for students of hotel operations 

      Crumb, David (2004)
      The above model has been applied initially to the Hotel Operations class in the School of Hospitality and Service Management. Students spend time in the classroom learning the theory and procedure of running a 300 room ...
    • Scholarship @ RIT 

      Trauernicht, Marcia; Pankow, David; Brooks, Bernard; Riordan, Michael; Wollan, Patricia; Golphin, Vincent; Cummings, Twyla; Border, Charles; Tyler, Christy; Kuhl, Michael; Main, Varda; Kurinec, Santosh; Winkworth, Gladys; Hauser, Peter; Lutz, Peter; Scanlon, Patrick; Paulus, Nick; Buehler, Marianne (Publishing and Scholarship Support Center (RIT Libraries), 2007-05)
    • Scholarship @ RIT 

      McKenzie, Chandra; Barnes, Kira; Geigel, Joe; Clymer, E.; Wolcott, Scott; Voelkel, Joseph; Foster, Susan; Buehler, Marianne; LePoutre, Dominique; Dickson, Donna; Colon, Bobby; Kenneally, Ivan; Tang, Zhi; Bitterman, Alex; Valentage, Nancy; Summers, U.; Paulus, Nick (Publishing and Scholarship Support Center (RIT Libraries), 2007-11)
    • Scholarship @ RIT 

      Trauernicht, Marcia; Kelly, Ronald; Albertini, John; Tolan, Linda; Dickson, Donna; Walter, Wayne; Terezakis, Katie; Rothenberg, Sandra; Tirrell, Peggy; Collison, Christina; Scott, Jason; Buehler, Marianne; Colton, Deborah; Orwin, Naomi; Jodoin, Ronald; Whittington, Keith; Mitchell, Marilyn; Dorney, Erin (Publishing and Scholarship Support Center (RIT Libraries), 2008-02)
    • Scholarship @ RIT 

      Bajorski, Peter; Bischof, Hans-Peter; Buehler, Marianne; Chandler, Robert; Davidhazy, Andrew; DeBartolo, Elizabeth; Frederick, G. Thomas; Hair, Neil; Keiner, Christine; Kelstone, Aaron; Merydith, Scott; Oliver, Bruce; Pankow, David; Ray, Amit; Samper, Jorge; Underhill, Linda (Publishing and Scholarship Support Center (RIT Libraries), 2006-02)
    • Scholarship @ RIT 

      Aghayere, Abi; Bryce, Christina; Buehler, Marianne; Chandler, Robert; Cost, Frank; Hirschman, Karl; Neely, Pamela; O'Handley, Suzanne; Schley, Sara; Shenoy, Nirmala; Steffens, Edward; Thurston, George; Wagner, Jeffrey; Waud, John (Publishing and Scholarship Support Center (RIT Libraries), 2005-11)
    • Scholarship @ RIT 

      Bartlett, Margaret; Buehler, Marianne; Craig, Paul; DeMartino, Richard; Gupta, Vinnie; Haake, Anne; Klingensmith, Bill; Lillie, Jeffrey; Main, Varda; Makepeace, Eileen; Marshark, Marc; Monikowski, Christine; Pancoast, Ryan; Pugliese, Rudy; Reichlmayr, Tom; Rozanski, Evelyn; Vallino, Jim; Yang, Shanchieh; Glenn, Chance (Publishing and Scholarship Support Center (RIT Libraries), 2006-05)