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    • W-reactivation of phage lambda in recF, recL, uvrA, and uvrB mutants of E. coli K-12 

      Rothman, Robert; Margossian, Linda; Clark, Alvin (Springer: Molecular and General Genetics, 1979-01)
      W-reactivation is reduced by recF143 and recF144 mutations and is undetectable if a second mutation at either the uvrA or uvrB locus is combined with recF143. The uvrA and uvrB mutations alone block W-reactivation partially. ...
    • Wacky winter weather wreaks havoc on Spring sports schedules 

      Venniro, Joe (2009-04-08)
      As I awoke yesterday morning, ate breakfast and left my house to head to RIT, I was delayed a bit longer than I wanted to be. Yes, I watched the weather reports on Monday evening and heard the snow pellets hitting my living ...
    • Walkers, runners, bikers: Share the path! 

      Saffran, Michael (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2009-05-08)
      Last summer, writing about the completion of RIT’s new “multi-use” trail—along the inner side of Andrews Drive from Wiltsie Drive to Gleason Circle (a project championed by Student Government)—I predicted that the trail ...
    • Walking the beat 

      Dube, Will (2009-04-06)
      On top of my duties for University News, I am also completing my master’s degree in public policy here at RIT. In the latter capacity I was asked to give a presentation based on my thesis research at the 2009 annual ...
    • Wall's Lawson honored 

      Bush, John (Asbury Park Press, 2006-01-28)
      Mike Lawson, a senior midfielder at the Rochester (N.Y.) Institute of Technology, has never let his handicap get in the way of success…on and off the field.
    • The Wallace Center Presentation (Ppt) 

      Wild, Lynn (2009-12-14)
    • Wanplex and Water Canyon 

      Wang, Hsin-Chen (1991-12-03)
    • Wanted: RIT's 9th president 

      Finnerty, Bob (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2006-09-25)
    • The War on drugs 

      Jakubiec, David; Kilcer, Andrew; Sager, William (RIT: College of Liberal Arts, 2009)
    • The warped nuclear disk of radio galaxy 3C 449 

      Tremblay, Grant; Quillen, Alice; Floyd, David; Noel-Storr, Jacob; Baum, Stefi; Axon, David; O'Dea, Christopher; Chiaberge, Marco; Macchetto, Duccio; Sparks, William; Miley, George; Capetti, Alessandro; Madrid, Juan; Perlman, Eric (Astrophysical Journal, 2006)
      Among radio galaxies containing nuclear dust disks, the bipolar jet axis is generally observed to be perpendicular to the disk major axis. The FR I radio source 3C 449 is an outlier to this statistical majority, as it ...
    • Water balance of terrestrial anuran (Eleutherodactylus Coqui) eggs: importance of parental care 

      Taigen, Theodore; Pough, F. Harvey; Stewart, Margaret (The Ecological Society of America: Ecology, 1984-02)
      The terrestrial eggs of the coqui of Puerto Rico are brooded almost continuously by the male parent from the time of oviposition until the fully metamorphosed hatchlings emerge from the eggs 15-20 d later. The gelatinous ...
    • WATT: A Compiler for automated visualization service generation 

      Bollig, Evan; Lyness, Martin; Erlebacher, Gordon; Yuen, David (Grid Computing Environments (GCE), 2007)
      Service-oriented application development is a time consuming task that changes little between projects. In general, development is a two step process where developers first create the core functionality of the service and ...
    • Watts Across the Campus 

      Prokop, Gary (Facilities Management Services, 2011-12)
    • "We are victorious!" says R.I. School for Deaf grad 

      Fitzpatrick, Edward (The Providence Journal, 2006-06-19)
    • We kept busy while you were gone 

      Stella, Paul (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2009-09-07)
    • We're back--a fresh issue hits the stands 

      Carvalho, Vienna (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2007-07-18)
    • A Wearable communications device 

      Williams, John Phillip (1997-11-11)
      The purpose of this thesis is to develop a concept for a wearable communications device. Proposed for the market of ten years into the future, this device will integrate today's multiple communications devices and ...
    • Wearable walking aid for elderly people 

      Lin, Yungshiun (2003-08)